Coming Soon: Design in Tech Report at SXSW 2017


The 2017 #DesignInTech Report will speak to how design and *inclusion* are inseparable. We launch in less than 2 weeks and are excited to have Fatimah Kabba join our team to design this year’s report.

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2016 Coverage by VentureBeat, Wired, LinkedIn Pulse


In Maeda’s second annual “Design in Tech” report, he moved from raising awareness about design in tech to focusing on larger, established firms that have either become complacent with their creative efforts or are looking for insights into what disruptors (read: startups) are doing better.”
—Ken Yeung, VentureBeat

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Design in Tech Report 2016

Download 2016 Design in Tech Report

Last year, John Maeda published his inaugural #DesignInTech report to reveal the impact Design has made in Silicon Valley. Now, in his second annual report, Maeda doubles down by delving deep into design trends revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems.

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2015 Coverage by The Washington Post, Fast Company, Marketplace, Dezeen


With the average user unlocking his or her smartphone 150 times a day, there’s less tolerance for a bad experience. Clunky design may have been forgivable when we used computers only a few times a day. But the shift of technology from our desks to our hands and wrists has made design essential, and the tech world is realizing it.”
—Matt McFarland, The Washington Post

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Design In Tech Report 2015

Download 2015 Design in Tech Report

Design has risen to become a game changer in Silicon Valley. In 2014, John Maeda joined KPCB as the firm’s first Design Partner, formerly of the MIT Media Lab and the Rhode Island School of Design.

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History of Design in Tech in 100 Links

100+ links to the history of Design in Tech going back to 2004 and stopping at 2014 because design in the tech arena is so commonplace now. This historical context is what led to the Design in Tech Reports, launched in 2015 at SXSW Interactive. —JM

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